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Hong Kong Internet (Holding) Limited

We Are A Hong Kong Base Internet Services & Networks Provider.

We provide domain registration in com/net/org, .hk , .cn, .tw and other country.
We also provide web hosting, web design and different web solutions to our clients.

Our clients List. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

          East Crown Travel Ltd
          Eastern Trade Company
          Eastmark Ltd.
          Easymake Ltd.
          EBEWE Pharma (Asia) Ltd.
          Ecomer Solution
          ECO World and Company Ltd.
          Eden Garden
          Egge Inc.
          E-Kidstyle Ltd.
          Ekon Telecom Ltd.
          Eli Lilly Asia Inc.
          Emmuel Church, Pokfulam [ St. John's Cathedral ]
          Encad, Inc
          ENew-Media Technology Limited.
          Engco Industrial (HK) Limited.
          Enmac Engineering Ltd.
          Enriching United Company Limited.
          Enterprise Supply Service Unit Ltd.
          Environmental Satellite Services Limited.
          EOD Hong Kong Ltd.
          E-Photo Production Company
          E-Pay Asia Ltd.
          E-Pro Ltd.
          ER Productions
          EQ-Health Products Pte. Ltd.
          ETaxi Computer Company
          ETceteras (HK) Ltd.
          E-Tronic Marketing Technologies Ltd
          Eu Yan Song (China Venture) Ltd.
          Europacific-De-Rosa International Hong Kong Ltd.
          Evangelical Free Church of China - Shan Fook Church
          Evercom Logistics Company
          Evergrow Ltd.
          Evertek Trading
          Evol Bodice Ltd.
          Excel Vast (Hong Kong) Ltd.
          Extravel Ltd.

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