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Hong Kong Internet (Holding) Limited

We Are A Hong Kong Base Internet Services & Networks Provider.

We provide domain registration in com/net/org, .hk , .cn, .tw and other country.
We also provide web hosting, web design and different web solutions to our clients.

Our clients List. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

          C. C. Medical (HK) Co. Ltd
          C & M Lighting Co.
          C & I Consultants Ltd.
          C & C Domestic Services Limited.
          Caben Asia Pacific Limited
          Calion Development Ltd.
          Cameron Associates Limited.
          Canterbury Capital Ltd.
          Capital International Co.
          Capital Trend Investment Ltd.
          Capital View Ltd.
          Car Deco Motor Sports Co
          Carewell Investments Limited.
          Carli (China) Marble Limited.
          Carpe Diem Consulting.
          C. Art Ltd.
          Casa Floral & Gifts.
          Cellcast (Asia) Ltd.
          Centre for Orthopaedic Surgery
          Centrix Business Ltd.
          Century Auto Plaza Limited.
          Challenge Holdings Limited.
          Cham & Co.,Solicitors
          Champion Chemicals Limited.
          Champion Grace Corporation Ltd.
          Charmford Development Limited.
          Charter Joy Development Limited
          Chat Hay Inter-United Ltd.
          Chengde Exhibition Ltd.
          Cheng Si-Yuan (China-International) Hepatitis Research Foundation.
          Chepstow International Ltd
          Cheung Tai Tarding Co Ltd
          China Communications Insurance Co., Ltd.
          China Connect Overseas Ltd
          China Diamonds Manufacturing nv
          China Enterprise Company
          China Fine International Limited.
          China HK Express Service
          China Hospital Group Investment Limited
          China Information Technology
          China Standard International Holding Ltd
          China Special Steel Holdings Co. Ltd.
          China Sports And Entertainment Ltd
          China Tone Telecommunications Ltd.
          Chinaru International Limited
          Chinese Astrology (Ziwei) Center.
          Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization Limited
          Chinese Eyes Limited
          Chinese Restaurant Consulting Limited
          Chinaru International Limited
          Chipsbrand Microelectronice(HK)Co.Ltd
          Chi Shing Machinery Co., Limited
          Chit Tat Clocks & Watch Ltd.
          Christian Counselling & Mission Service (Louisa Tsang) Centre
          Christian Ministry to Visually Impaired Persons
          Chuen Cheung Kui Restaurant
          Chun Yip Information Technology
          Chung Win Investments Limited
          Chung Tai Printing Co.,Ltd
          Chy-Tech (HK) Industrial Co., Ltd.
          City Cleaning Ltd.
          City Credit, Inc.
          City Jet Trading Limited
          City Medical Health Centre Co., Ltd.
          City Smart Corporation Ltd.
          City Smart Ltd.
          City Smart Laboratory Ltd.
          CKLM Transportation
          Coffee Guest (China) Co., Limited
          COL Ltd.
          Comet Electronics (Hong Kong) Limited
          Comp-Sec Limited
          Construction Expert Services Limited
          Conquistador Ltd.
          Convert Pharm Ltd.
          Corpweb Technology Company
          Cosmoon Int'l Ltd
          Cosmos Footwear Manufacturing Company
          CosmosTech Ltd.
          Cosmoenergy Research International Limited
          Co-way Trading(HK0 Limited
          CrazyEsoccer.com Ltd.
          Cre8(Greater China) Ltd
          Creative Sports Ltd.
          Credit Base Investment Ltd.
          Cyan Technology Ltd.
          Cyber Concord Glassworks Ltd.
          Cyber-Photo Photo Finishing Co.
          Cyber Talent International Ltd.
          Cyber Technology.

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